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Episode Hack – Get Free Passes And Gems To Choose Your Own Story

The developer Pocket Gems has managed to create an immersive mobile game that focuses on the story. Episode plunges you into the adventure, drama, and romance head-first. For instance, you could play as the football star trying to win the love of his sweetheart. Wouldn't it be nice to control the character of a story that you like, and watching how your decisions affect the world around you? Episode manages to do this and more, with over a hundred thousand stories to choose from. Every choice that you make has an effect. Episode boasts having the title of having the biggest interactive story collection in the whole world! You have the option of either becoming a reader or a writer who contributes to Episode's already impressive collection.

Episode hacks proof

If you're a writer, you can create and publish your own stories and have a large audience of millions of people by taking advantage of Episode's platform. Anything that you regret doing or not doing in the real world, you can fix here. It's an excellent form of coping and release that helps you move on. This game allows people to choose and live whichever scenario they desire. All one needs are gems and passes to unlock every story. With the help of our Episode Hack, you can read any story of your choosing. To put it simply, more stories= more passes and gems. Gems are the only way of choosing special story options that make it so much more immersive.

Game Review

One minor downside is that the game is made purely for adults. You might be wondering why that might be a downside. Well, the game has a lot of NSFW content that wouldn't be proper for a child to read. And since Episode doesn't have any age regulations in place, any child could download it and potentially read some sexual content. Some stories also explore darker themes that might not be suitable for a child to read. The developers should focus on adding the security processes necessary to ensure that no child can read from this app.

If you want a story to go the way you want to, chances are, you might need to have a few gems at your disposal. You have the option of purchasing passes and gems in your app store, or you can get our effective Episode Online Generator that will provide a large amount in the span of a few minutes.

You might also want to invite your friends to the game to get a referral code, and this gets you some nice rewards. You also don't have to wait for a long time to get new gems. The game passively supplies you with gems as time passes, so you can simply put down the game, wait for a while, and come back when your stores are full. This is an easy albeit time-consuming way of getting gems if you're not interested in using Episode hacks that can save you from the hassle.

Having an Episode Hack Will Give You Unlimited Passes And Gems

But let's be honest- who actually has the patience to read halfway through a story, only to put it down again when things are just getting good and wait to have their gems replenished? We have already provided a solution for you; the only thing you need to do is take advantage of it. Be wary of other Episode hack apk tools that might float around in the net. So far, only our hack is confirmed to be safe and effective. Others are probably riddled with viruses and errors.

Our programmers have worked hard to create an Episode Hack online that will do the job for you. It works 100% of the time and is completely safe for your device. What's best is that it's completely free! All you need to do is give your email or your username from the game, and you will start getting free gems after some time. The goal of our hacks is to give players the tools necessary to enjoy a great game to their full potential.

You can use the Episode Cheats provide, and it gives you an unlimited amount of passes in a few minutes. You can finally read the story you like anytime you want without the long hours of waiting.

What About Getting Passes?

As we've mentioned before, gems are only one of the game's currencies. The other one is called a pass. They're pretty scarce in the game, unlike gems. You have the option of purchasing them in the app store, similar to gems. We know that a lot of players want more out of this game but just can't afford to buy passes. If you're one of those people, worry no more!